Strong Flies High at Hunter Valley Airshow ✈️

Freestyle motocross star Jacko Strong completed a jaw-dropping stunt at the Hunter Valley Airshow over the weekend.

Strong completed a front flip over a Wolf Pitts Pro aircraft under the control of pilot Paul Bennet, which has only been seen once before prior to the event.

The 6-Time X-Games Gold Medalist completed the stunt on both Saturday and Sunday without fault, with a large, vocal crowd applauding the efforts of both the rider and pilot.

This was the second time Strong performed in the Hunter Valley, with his eyes now set on 2024 to complete the stunt once again.

For fans looking to see more behind the scenes action from the show, the Aussie rider is releasing an exclusive video to his YouTube channel ‘Jacko Strong’ later in the week.

“The Hunter Valley Airshow was a great event. I definitely went there and rolled the dice on a stunt like this.

The front flip is one of freestyle motocross’ hardest tricks, and do it while an aircraft flies under you is pretty crazy.

There’s so many moving parts in a stunt like this. You’ve got to place trust in the pilot, the equipment at use and most importantly yourself in order for everything to work faultlessly.

A big thanks to all my sponsors for the continuous support, especially Wagga Motors for giving me the wheels to journey up to the show.

I look forward getting back to the Hunter Valley in 2024.”