Silver for Strong at X Games Ventura after World's First Front Flip Cliffhanger ūü•ą

Jacko Strong once again showcased his world class talent at X Games Ventura 2023, claiming the silver medal in the Moto X Best Trick event.

Ventura California, played host to an intense showdown amongst the world's best, where riders had the choice of three ramps to showcase their skills: Comp Ramp, Next Gen Ramp, and Superkicker Ramp. 

When the crunch time came, Strong unveiled the world's first 'Front Flip Cliffhanger' off the Next Gen Ramp, which left the crowd in sheer awe. The score of 95.66 was significant but not enough to take the lead from David Rinaldo after he performed the 'Corolla' with a score of 97.00. 

Despite Strong's effort to improve to 96.00 after his second run with the same trick, he was unable to hunt down Rinaldo to claim the silver medal. 

As he reflected on the event, there's no doubt that Strong was content with his efforts but disappointed with the result. 

"I was hoping I could get a higher score in my second run but it wasn't to be. It would of been nice to come home with the win but it'll keep me hungry for next time. 

The front cliffy is a tough trick, so many small steps to make the thing happen but it was a good feeling to finally unveil it on the world stage.  

There's a lot of people in the local community back home that I'd like to thank, especially my family, friends and personal sponsors. Without your support, I wouldn't be able to perform on the world stage so I'm very thankful. 

We'll get back to the farm at home, reset, get back on the bike and be I'll ready to rumble again next year."