Jackson Jacko Strong | 2013 Winter X Games with Jacko Strong
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2013 Winter X Games with Jacko Strong


January 26, 2013


X Games

About This Project

Jacko Strong has come a long way in his short 21 years. Growing up in Australia and getting recognized for his accomplishments as a decorated athlete in Summer X Games have allowed him some life changing opportunities, especially this opportunity to compete in Aspen for the Winter X GamesJacko is mentally and physically preparing himself for his big do-or-die moment on a Snow Mobile in Aspen tomorrow. He has been training for the last few weeks in Minnesota, where he is preparing for what could possibly be the most exciting moment of his life. Jacko started his career as a dirt biker, and his passion for the sport has evolved into exploring different aspects of the sport, which include a whole new territory for him… Snowmobiling. Jacko believes that challenging himself, and pushing himself to new limits is what makes a great competitor, and what his life is all about. Jacko is humble in his success, yet this is not the end of the road for him. He has much more to show the world, and he is pumped to do it.